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Calendar of Events

Questions about the new calendar? Visit the FAQ!

Calendar FAQs

Q: What is LocalHop?

  • A: LocalHop is a Michigan based company that hosts software for community calendars, registration, registration and more. Currently, Henika District Library is using their calendar and registration features to offer patrons a more "one-stop" option to view and register for library events.

Q: How Do I Register for an Event?

  • A: Events that require registration have a small           symbol next to the event name. Click on the event, then hit "Register". Select the number of people attending from the drop down under "Quantity" and then click next. Follow the prompts to add your information. When you're finished, click on "Register" to submit. We've also made a video tutorial below.

Q: Do I Have to Create an Account?

  • A: That's up to you. It's helpful if you want your information to be autofilled for event registration or if you want to keep track of all your events in one place, but it is not a requirement.

Q: Help! I am having trouble viewing the calendar/registering for an event on my phone!

  • A: If your phone isn't loading correctly, you can try to switch your mobile browser to "Desktop Mode" or downloading the LocalHop app to access the calendar that way. If neither of those work for you, please give us a call at 269-792-2891 and we can assist.

Q: The Event I Want to Register for is Full, Now What?

  • A: If an event is full, there will be an option to join the waitlist. Add yourself to the waitlist following the same steps as you would to register for the event. If someone already registers cancels, we will notify the next person in line on the waitlist. If the waitlist is full, check back later or better luck next time.

Q: Can I Search for a Specific Event?

  • A: Yes! You can search for an event by name or date, or you can narrow an event down by topic or targeted age group!

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