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With your Henika District Library Card, you have access to 42 public libraries in 82 locations across

Allegan, Barry, Ionia, Kent, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, and Ottawa counties.

Library cards are available to all residents of Wayland City and Wayland Township. Apply for a card below or explore our FAQ at the bottom of the page regarding the online application process!


Online Library Card Application FAQ

Q: How long will it take for me to get my library card?

  • A: Typically, you should receive an email with the outcome of your application within an hour.

Q: Will I get a physical card when I apply online?

  • A: No. When your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with your account number that can be used immediately online. This number can be entered into the Lakeland App that will make a scannable barcode on the device. You can also stop in to the library at your convenience and we can issue you a physical card.

Q: Why did my card application not get approved?

  • A: There are several instances why applications are not approved with the most common being that your address does not fall within the library's service area. If you are unsure, please call us at 269-792-2891 and we will try to troubleshoot the issue with you.

Q: How do I apply for cards for everyone in my family?

  • A: A separate application should be filled out for each adult and minor in your family.

Q: I applied to the wrong library and my application was not approved, can I still apply to the           correct library?

  • A: Yes! Please fill out a new application.

Q: I moved and need to change my address - how do I do that?

  • A: Contact us at 269-792-2891 and we can update your information.  If your new address is in another library's service area, we can direct you to the correct one.

Q: I live in Yankee Springs Township but am within the bounds of Wayland school district, why can't I get a library card?

  • A: Unfortunately, Yankee Springs Township is what is known has an unserved population, meaning that they do not pay taxes to a library and therefore are ineligible for regular service. We attempted to pass a millage in August of 2022 to add the unserved area to our district, but did not receive enough votes. Residents of this unserved area can still apply for a non-resident card in person at a cost of $10 per quarter or $40 per year at limited access. Non-resident cards can only be used at Henika District Library and are not valid for digital materials or inter-library loan.

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